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commission info

If interested please contact me at [email protected] or on any other of my social media plataforms linked on my Bio, thank you! (fastest replies on twitter and gmail)

I open a batch of commissions around the 15th of each month
Current batch: all slots taken

TINIES $25usd per character

-They're very tiny, can't draw complicated positions
- They come with a super simple background for free, you can request a different background or add ons but I will charge an extra kofi!
**Payment via kofi

SEMI CHIBI $50usd per character

- Extra charge for props and complexity might apply
- Transparent or solid color background by default

BUST UP $45usd per character

- Solid color background by default
- Background can be added upon request
- Price can go up depending on complexity

TIGHS UP $70usd per character

- Solid color background by default
- Background can be added upon request
- Price can go up depending on complexity


一 Full payment will be requested via ko-fi or PayPal (invoice).
一 Commissions are for personal use only. They're not to be resold or used for any commercial purpose.
一 Commissions can be used as icons, banners, or even printed, as long as it's for private use.
一 No refunds will be made after you've made your payment, unless for some reason I'm unable to finish your commission.
一 I hold the right to decline your commission if I feel like I can't fulfill it or feel uncomfortable with the request.
一 Please be patient, you have the right to ask about the status of your commission but please do not ask me about it every 2 days. If you have a deadline, tell me beforehand. Depending on the deadline I'll either charge extra or decline in case I feel like I can't make it in time.
一 I will work based on the references provided by the commissioner. The commissioner is responsible for sending clear, accurate and updated references and information of their character(s).
一 You can request up to 2 minor changes in case I missed something from your original request or some detail is missing from your character. However I won't be fixing any mistakes caused by unclear references sent by the commissioner. In case you need more changes, there will be an extra charge.
一 Once I've finished the commission I'll send a google link where you can download the finished piece.
一 I always send a non-watermarked image, you're free to post it if you wish as long as you don't claim it as your own.

o OCs, fanart, BL, GL OK

x Mecha, armor, furry, nsfw
x Complicated backgrounds


Other plataforms where you can support me if you wish!

Ko-fi - flanpu
Twitter - @flanpu
Instagram - @flanpu_
Facebook - @flanpuu
Shop - flanpu on bigcartel
E-mail - [email protected]